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Helen · Aug 2022

link to Swedish Christmas book @ Tomten Catalog
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Helen Ingeborg Gregory • PinPubStudio.com
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Front cover
Spirit Messages & Lessons
How I learned to channel spirits. It's all here: how I did it, contacts I reached, my questions and spirits' answers.
$13 · Free & fast shipping
Front cover
Diabetes by Marriage: A Memoir
True story of building a life together in spite of my husband's frequent insulin reactions, their consequences, and the increasing complications of his Type 1, brittle diabetes. Reviews.
Front cover
A Blanket for Svea
Swedish motif crib size quilt or comforter featuring: Dalahäst, Swedish flag, hearts, cutting layouts, templates, tips, a story (in rhyme) with illustrations (to color) in a nice, 32-page book! (Video & Price breaks)

Been delayed by redesigning my Website (not uploaded yet) to include my Chapbooks, and learning/testing my new printer's capabilities! If you'd like an email notice when my Chapbooks (original whimsical tales and such) are available – I hope by early June – just  Email me  and I'll add you to my "Chapbooks Notice" list!
      * * *  
sample photo CHAPBOOKS _ tales for the young & young at heart . . .
(4.25" x 5.50" booklets, most in rhyme & illustrated, each bound by hand)
The Parting (antics of displaced Scabby the Cat, who found a final home. Bsed on a true story.)
The Magic of the Forest (in rhyme, wonders of the woods)
My Christmas Stocking (keeping the original stocking Grandmother made)
Ole & Me and the Christmas Tree (in rhyme, Scandinavian, humorous, Jul tree trouble . . .)
Fredericka the Frog (in rhyme, a lady and a finicky frog)
Torvald & the Mouse (in verse, tale of a Nordic elf who befriends a pesky farm mouse)
Wilma Witchey (Halloween tale of good witch with broom trouble)
Listen (in rhyme, if you listen, you might hear an angel whisper in your ear ...)
      * * *  
More Chapbooks: written but not yet illustrated nor formatted for print.
Gracie's Brilliant Bird (A young girl who likes gardening meets a special bird)
Jenny McCork (Tale of old times, mirroring "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear")
Sammy's Slippers (in rhyme, a boy's favorite slippers walk away . . .)
Auntie Helen's Poetry & Prose (a varied collection; probably more than one chapbook)
...and more short stories, etc., for the young and young at heart –

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