"How I contacted spirits and what I learned. (Reads sort of like a diary ...)"
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Nov 7, 1985
Writing by my Guardian Angel, Amy. Years later, I learn she is/was my mother's grandmother! (Mother of my mother's father)
Nov 8, 1985
Photo of more writing from Amy. Later, she brings messages from dearly departed family and friends!
11.27.85 img
Photo of very first writing from my Spirit Guide, David !

 Book Excerpts 
  1. Preface
  2. About Channeling.
  3. Life after death
  4. Health, herbs, truth

UPDATE ... Feb 18, 2024 ... I have regrets about this book. I meant to show how spirit writing was actually transmitted to me, but now realize that it may have created a difficult read for people. So, I am going to rewrite it! This undertaking will take some doing (which means time) and hopefully with no interruptions that delayed my intent as before. In the meantime, I will most likely 'unpublish' the version on Amazon for the time being and return to the first, and possibly the best version I ever envisioned. Wish me well. Please. And Thank You!   . . . Helen
P.S. I have a dozen or so original copies available for $10 each, ready to ship, if you're interested. Use the ORDER FORM or send an email and I'll let you know how to get one.
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My history with spirit-lore
      Rereading these long-ago messages relayed by my Guardian Angel and lessons from my Spirit Guides has been a rewarding trip for me. I find their words as relevant and meaningful today as when they were first written.
     A skeptical – ad nauseam – medium back then, I am now a discerning believer, and beginning to connect with my spirit family once again. I trust that in time I will make contact with them all.

Since age 18 or 19, I harbored a yearning to be able to talk with spirits – I suppose because of my now-and-then exposures to a Ouija Board and the mystique it held for me. Further motivation came from reading books by Raymond A. Moody, Jr, M.D., Ruth Montgomery and Jess Stearn.
      As time permitted, I made the attempt – which lasted nearly three years. That left me with a three-inch, three-ring binder stuffed with pages handwritten by myself, my Guardian Angel, my Spirit Guide and others. My guide insisted I self-publish the messages and lessons into a book to help people become aware that life does continue after an earthly death. I agreed, and visualized a book that didn't just "tell in so many sentences" what the spirits wrote, but "shared their actual words".
      However, as my heretofore unpredictable life carried on, my publishing efforts were set aside for urgent family caregiving needs – a lengthy ordeal I could not ignore. Those years quickly usurped my channeling time, but I did manage to acquire a computer. I studied how to use it for self-publishing and learned to research some of the spirit comments I had received. To my astonishment, many of them turned out to be authentic!
            ~Helen~     MORE: About Me & my books

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