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Steve Bannon's Warroom . . . The USA • Border Invasion • Politics • Plain Speak about what's really happening in our country and around the world.

Article 3 Project TAKE ACTION NOW!   Ways that YOU can help save our nation from the corruption running rampant in our government. Do you really think it will not affect you? (Think again...) "Uncle Sam needs US all!"

U.S. Constitution From the Preamble to the 27th Ammendment.

Immigration Accountability Project . . . Illegal USA southern border invasion; help stop it. "...the statements, actions, and votes taken by (our) elected officials on immigration policy issues."

The Daily Clout with Naomi Wolf, PhD • Medical research • Risks & Damages of Covid vaccines • Concealed Pharmceutical Company Reports • more ...

• United States Senate, Washington D.C. (phone)... 202.224.3121
• United States House, Washington D.C. (phone)... 202.225-3121

• What does "NGO" refer to? A Non Governmental Organization.
• How about "Oligarchy"? A political system ruled by a few people.
• What's a Republic? A political system where citizens elect their leaders
• Democracy. A political system ruled by the people or through elected representatives.

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