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Do you know your times-tables?
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. . .EXAMPLE: What is 6x8? Pick number 6 in column one. Follow that row to the right and stop in column 8. Answer?. . . 48 !
3x5 Recipe Cards with Gift Tags
Choose lined or unlined
 Prints four 3" x 5" recipe cards and two 5" x 2·1/2" gift cards on a single 11" x 8·1/2" page. (Landscape Orientation) Cut/trim after printing. See also: Printing Tips, below.  
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Need Party Invitations?
  Requires duplex printing (both sides / inside & outside!). Prints two cards on one sheet of paper.   Save as ... PDF
Printing tips: I've found that 8·1/2" x 11" Vellum Bristol, white, 67lb, works well for cards and greeting cards. Regular printer or copy-machine paper will be around 20 to 24 lb. Index card stock is usually labeled 110lb. Check your printer to learn how heavy a paper it can handle. Download tip: click this symbol img on the top browser window of the opened PDF to choose or create a location for saving it to your computer as a .pdf file.   Envelopes: for cards (from 8·1/2" x 11" paper cut in half and folded) fit well into "Invitation" size envelopes (4·3/8 x 5·3/4 inches). Entering text on a PDF file: Tips from Helen, for using Adobe Reader (FREE)

Save as: PDF   Open the PDF with Adobe Reader, which allows entering text in the 'label' areas. See my TIPS for printing on pdf files.
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As 'generic' as they come? Prints two cards on one sheet. Blank inside.
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Thank you for visiting!   —Helen

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