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How to make a Swedish Christmas! [paper]
Crafts • Recipes • Traditions  
by Helen Ingeborg

Includes 27 smörgåsbord recipes!

   Celebrate your Swedish Heritage with patterns and directions for making a straw goat, a heart shaped woven paper basket, "paper candy," and paper ornaments of Lucia, Jul Tomte, Stjärngosse, Dala Häst, Dala Tupp, the Hjärta, and a crib-size Swedish-motif blanket/quilt. From lighting the first candle to hurling out the bare tree. Glimpses of Swedish tradition—Lucia, Jul Tomte, Julbock, Stjärngosse and more. Includes words and music to "Sankta Lucia" and "Nu är det jul igen."

Softcover, illustrated • ISBN 0-941973-14-X • Price ... $7.95 US

Starwatchers Starwatchers—The Journey to Crystallo by Helen Ingeborg   [Paper]
    ...follows the sudden and scary plight of young Mitch and Meg, who are sucked out of Wyoming and onto an asteroid one night as they walk home from a movie theater. They encounter a brisk but helpful little alien, subterranean habitomes, strange food, and a starcasting facility before they encounter the wicked Dustman and Mitch disappears. Meg's travels are frought with challenges that test her courage but build her character.

Fiction/fantasy adventure for ages 12 to 112. Includes journey map and glossary.  Read Chapter One

Softcover • ISBN 978-0-941973-16-8. • $9.95 US.

Also available in Kindle version (see below)

A Blanket for Svea [Paper]
Story Book • Coloring Book • Pattern Book
by Helen Ingeborg

Celebrate your Swedish heritage by making a Swedish motif crib size blanket—traditional old-country symbols add a Swedish touch to this crib size blanket that can be quilted or tied.

Directions and template patterns included. Hand or machine stitch. Decorative painting or embroidery optional. Includes twenty full size whimsical illustrations, suitable for coloring with crayons or colored pencils.

A baby girl, a great-aunt's love, and a few Swedish symbols add up to a tale, in rhyme, of the crafting of a very special blanket.

Softcover, illustrated • ISBN 0-941973-15-8 • Price .... $7.95 US
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Svea and her blanket, 1997 [on back cover of book]

This one made in 2006 by Grandma Johnson of American Fork, Utah

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Starwatchers: The Journey to Crystallo [Kindle]
A fiction/fantasy adventure for ages 12 to 112. Teenagers Meg and Mitch, from Cody, Wyoming, get sucked off the earth and onto an asteroid one night. They meet a bossy little alien who helps plan their return to Earth. Midway through their journey, Mitch disappears and Meg sets out to find him. Her search is fraught with physical challenges and personal confrontations that test her determination and build her character. Map and Glossary included. $3.99
 |  Read Chapter One
Tales for Tots and the folks who love them   [Kindle]
Ages 4 to 104 ... Six delightful tales, each with an illustration. Suitable for bedtime reading. Includes stories about frogs, flowers, fairies and one pair of slippers! Titles: Frederika the Frog (in rhyme), Franklin P. Frog, Sammy's Slippers (in rhyme), The Day the Tulips Talked, Gracie's Golden Surprise, and The Magic of the Forest (in rhyme) ... $2.99
Trouble at Tanglewood [Kindle]
Ages 4 to 104 ... Children's fiction for ages 4 to 8 about a family of wee wood folks, no taller than toadstools, who are swept away by a flood. They work together to resettle and are enjoying life until their young daughter is kidnapped. Because of her own resourcefulness and compassion, the daughter manages to return home safely, apart from her family's search ... $2.99
Wilma Witchey and the Best Moon Flight Ever! [Kindle]
Ages 4 to 104 ... When Wilma's favorite broom goes missing at the repair shop on Halloween, she summons her daughter to help. The daughter calms Wilma's frustration over her missing broom, inside image eventually rushing out to purchase a new one. She returns barely in time for Wilma's nine o'clock flight, but the broom doesn't workó-that is, until her daughter combines old and new technology to fire it up. Wilma at last succeeds in WOWing hometown trick-or-treaters with the Best Moon Flight ever! $0.99
book cover Menopause Country     (a joke book)
    by Jean Adair & Helen Gregory   

The silly yet insightful side of menopause in cartoons and humorous verse.

Great gag gift for the baby boomer who knows hot flashes, mood swings, water retention, HRT, FSH, PMS, as well as the joys of grandchildren and great chocolate!

Gags and verse by Jean Adair. Drawings by Helen Gregory.

Softcover.   ISBN 0-941973-13-1   Price ... $4.95 US. Multiple purchase discounts apply.

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"Oh for days pre-menopausal,
when life was 'of course' and not 'maybe.'
When a PATCH was a place to pick berries,
and CHANGE meant a clean diaper for baby.

"When a HOT FLASH was just an announcement
that set all the news wires humming,
and a PILL didn't bring back your girlhood,
it just kept more babies from coming."

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