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This memoir recalls my marriage to an insulin dependent diabetic husband whose blood sugar was frequently out of control. Low. Very low. It is meant to be read in sequence, starting with number one. (See the Directory for choices). The numbers do not represent book chapters but, rather, weekly writings submitted to my critique group, then posted online. Some compositions are long, some are short. Your comments will be welcome, and I have provided a link at the end of each page for that. I thank you in advance.

I began writing this in 2009 as self-imposed therapy—at times writing through unexpected tears when reliving the scenes as if they were yesterday, while at other times bursting out in laughter. It did prove helpful to me in organizing and understanding nearly thirty years of my life that I never had time to process.  (UPDATE: I no longer bolt upright screaming out of a bad dream.)   cover img

It became a literary undertaking (e.g. creative non-fiction) when I realized that some memories of exactly who did what, when and where had faded. The core events and situations are genuine. Many of the supporting characters are blended in personality, actions and timing. Most names have been changed. Dialogue attributed to some may not have been exactly quoted; nonetheless, the inference of their words indelibly stained my memory.

Portions of my therapy writing—events that did not hold a direct connection to my husband's diabetes but nevertheless additionally impacted my life and needed processing—are either only briefly mentioned or not included in this work, which concluded in 2013. I reserve the right to rewrite/edit these original blog posts when time allows—adding meaningful characters and happenings that I didn't recall at the time of writing, and condensing it in length.

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